11 Things to Know: Other Open House in Real Estate

11 Things to Know: Other Open House in Real Estate Image

By Vincent

Good rapport & open house.

Agent 1 engages in a good rapport-building conversation. It turns out that the buyer has already been pre-approved with his lender and isn't working with another agent. But he says he's not ready yet and invites the agent to stay in touch. Later he drops by another open house, only Agent 2 has a different kind of conversation. Agent 2 doesn't ask about the buyer's loan or if he's working with another agent, or any of the other typical qualifying questions. Instead, Agent 2 explores the buyer's situation in a broader context.

Lead company & open house.

Choosing the right company to represent you is critical. Look for the company that is the leader in your area. When you do this, you are assured you have a company that focuses on your area. Anyone else is just hoping someone from that leading company will sell it. The odds are against you if you buy into this. Open houses do work, but not if you do it every week. Open houses should be done along with other open houses. The more homes open, them more people who will usually come.

Kit consist & survival guide.

But what happens when you do get the customer to arrive. How can you latch on to them (if they don't already have an agent) instead of the other open house sitter? This kit consists of brochures, flyers, and my Home Buyers Survival Guide. They are usually surprised with it mainly because none of the agents at the last 5 or 6 open houses gave them anything but their business cards. My second weapon is my laptop and my cell phone. These two things allow me to access the internet and the MLS.

Good number & house plan.

If your property is impressive during this show you can expect a good number of their clients to make appointments to look at your home. Also, the other realtors might inform their clients that you have another open house planned. So be sure to prepare properly for the open house. Cleaning is always the best place to start in preparing for a home showing, You may even want to hire a professional cleaner to make the home that much more presentable. Following that it's a good idea to remove to remove any pets from the home as their presence can be a concern during a show. Not only is their smell a concern but you home does not need to compete for attention with your adorable but attention hogging hound.

Direct mirror & estate agent.

But you will want to: a.) see what properties have sold in the last six (6) months that are a direct mirror of your home. Check out other open houses to see what your "competition" is going to be like. c.) get an independent appraisal so you have an idea of what the market value will be as well as letting any potential buyers know that your home can be financed. Decide on a Realtor. Consider interviewing real estate agents while looking at several factors to base your decision. Some should include past sales, current listings, marketing plan, market knowledge and make sure that they are someone you can trust and feel confident that they will do a good job on your behalf.

Open house & business event.

If you don't want consumed away from the station don't provide covers and sleeves. -Before your open house ask your agent or visit some other open houses in your community to see how many people attend. It's hard to predict how many will show and what they'll eat or drink. The weather and time of day will surly impact how little or much you need to prepare. No alcohol. Open houses are business events.

Public open & home sale.

If so, make cosmetic improvements before reducing the price. After the home is fixed up, reduce the price and ask your agent to hold another open house for the real estate agents, as well as another public open house. It's often difficult to get agents back to look at a home that has been on the market for awhile. The Closing: Sometimes a home isn't selling because the agent isn't doing his or her job. A successful home sale requires teamwork between you and your agent. If at the end of the listing period you are not satisfied with the agent's services, change agents.

Typical time & sporting event.

Avoid times during popular sporting events or other local activities that will pull people away from house hunting. Optimally, schedule the viewing for a time that is slightly different from other open houses in the area. Making yours start an hour earlier or continue for an hour past the typical time will give buyers the ability to visit when they might not otherwise be able to drop by. Don't forget to be present and ready to show for early arrivals and for those who may straggle in at the last minute. Let the Experts Handle. It Homeowners often want to stick around to be present during open houses.

Open house & positive reminder.

You might also think about having a take away for your visitors. People love getting free stuff and they will leave your home with a good feeling that will stay with them. You want something that will be a positive reminder of your home. A sneaky ninja trick is to give a quart of ice cream to your open house attendees as they are leaving your home. Why is this a ninja trick? Because the prospective buyers will have to go straight home with their ice cream so that it does not melt. While they are driving straight home, they will most likely be discussing your home in-depth. Regardless, they will not be able to go straight from your open house to another open house. On the other hand, the attendees may just sit in front of your home for an extended period of time eating their tub of ice cream on the spot.

Happy client & real estate.

A visiting date will then be set. Open house will make the lead either sure of his choice and move up to become a prospect, or unsure of the property he has seen and visited. In this case, all you have to do is to look for another house and set another open house date. The word-of-mouth advertising method requires nothing but that you do your job well; the more happy clients that you have, then the more inadvertent advertising that will be for you. When going for the goal, which in the real estate industry is more leads, the argument between conventional vs. unconventional must be forgotten. Both techniques can be utilized for a more varied and greater real estate buyer lead generation.

Open house & estate agent.

Ask your real estate agent for a blank contract after your first meeting. If you have questions about the contract ask your attorney to review it with you. -Before your open house ask your agent or visit some other open houses in your community to see how many people attend. It's hard to predict how many will show and what they'll eat or drink. The weather and time of day will surly impact how little or much you need to prepare. Don't gossip about the previous homeowners, you might not know if the new owners still talk with them.


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